Awatapu College Emblem

The wings stand for the three main stages of early life:

  • learning to fly
  • then being able to fly under supervision
  • and finally being ready to fly alone

The half-circle underneath indicates a rocking position to remind us that life is not always stable.

The V for victory reminds us to work for personal achievement.

The rainbow under the college name reminds us there is always some colour around us if we are willing to look for it.

Our Name

The naming of a new school is a serious business. Awatapu was chosen because it was on the site of the ancient lagoon and of an expanding city subdivision. It was an ancient name which celebrated some forgotten event in the history of the tangata whenua, the Rangitane people, whose ancestors had for hundreds of years padded along the bush tracks or splashed up the creek from the river to enjoy the bounty of Awatapu. Unless the name was used it would certainly soon be lost.

[Excerpts from "The First Ten Years 1976-1985" H.J. (Pat) Whitwell]