Horizon Bus Service - Bee Card

Bee Card is almost here! Horizons are rolling out a new bus ticketing system across our region’s bus services.This will affect any students who use Horizons bus services to get to and from school. From 20 July 2020 students will need to use a Bee Card to travel, this replaces the GoCard. Bee Cards are available on the bus, at www.beecard.co.nz, or via Freephone 0508 800 800.

Students can still get child fares (ages 5-15) and monthly passes using the Bee Card. However to get these benefits students need to register their card. The easiest way to do this is online at www.beecard.co.nz, have their new Bee Card card number, provide name address and date of birth.  

The new system is much more user friendly, with cards able to be ordered and managed online (from registering, top ups, cancelling lost cards and managing multiple cards).

Fares are currently free, but students will need a card, register it online, and top it up ready for when they come back to school for start of Term 3, when fares will start to be charged again.